About Me

Born in 1983 in Italy, I have spent a good chunk of my life in London and I am now based in Fuerteventura, Spain. 
When I paint, the process always begins with a visual experience. 
Memories, a piece of music or the simple observation of human behaviour can trigger a visual journey in my mind, often translating into surrealistic, unsettling and yet familiar scenarios. I have experienced it throughout my life and explored it in my work as a fashion and art photographer first and later on in my paintings. 
I am drawn to dark atmospheres contrasting with bold colours and I mostly have a clearly approach; therefore I can really connect to movements like Surrealism, Expressionism and New Objectivity. 
My Italian origins made it easy for me to absorb the tradition of the classical art world, its aesthetics and eternal influence. 
These are all elements and inspirations that compel me to create an alluring, parallel reality, flirting with beauty, darkness and discomfort. 
I have been always fascinated by the process of personal evolution, therefore all of my characters are transitioning through the rewarding, yet distressing journey towards self acceptance. At the same time, they are weakening people’s phobias towards who or what is perceived as different in our society. 

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